Easy Raw Almond Milk

Raw. Vegan. Gluten free

Way too easy.  Don’t every buy milk from the shops again when you can whip this up in under 5 minutes. Makes 1 L


1 1/3 C raw almonds
4 C distilled water
1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp vanilla extract

Optional extras:
1 T of agave (for extra sweetness)
1 T macs, Lacuma or Mesquite (optional for added vitamins and minerals)
Coconut flesh 
Pinch of stevia (sugar-free sweetness)


Blend the almonds with the water for 30 seconds
 Strain through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth
Scrape out the inside of the vanilla bean or use extract and add to the milk
Add the optional extras to the milk and blend all together.
Note: you can mix up the milks by substituting the almonds with other nuts/seeds of choice such as raw cashews, macadamias, brazil nuts and sesame seeds but almonds are generally your healthiest choice and they are also more cost effective.

Use in replacement of other milks in smoothies, on muesli, chocolate drinks and puddings.

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