Basil Pesto Nori Wraps

Raw. Gluten free. Vegan

-Basil pesto-

-1/2 cup packed basil leaves
-1/2 cup raw cashews or sunflower seeds
-1 garlic clove
-2 T lemon juice
-1 T olive oil

Blend all ingredients together until smooth. May need some water to help.


– ingredients of your choice
I used grated carrot, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, sliced capsicum, sliced avocado, sprouts.

2 x nori sheets


– With the shiny side facing down, spread basil peso 2 cm above the bottom of the longest side of the sheet.
– Evenly distribute salad ingredients in a line onto of the pesto.
– Carefully and firmly roll up the nori sheet with salad . To help it hold together you may use some water to help the edges stick

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