Raw vanilla blueberry ‘ice-cream’

Raw.Vegan. Dairy Free. Gluten Free
This is super easy, super quick, delicious and tonnes times better for you than any pre-packaged dairy, sugar and saturated fat ridden ice cream you find in shops!

– 1/2 C ice
– 1/2 C  milk of choice- I used home-made almond milk- recipe here.  You could use rice, oat or soy milk if you don’t have any at hand.
– 1/2 frozen banana
– 1/4 cup frozen blueberries
– small handful of raw cashews
– pinch of stevia or 1 T of agave or coconut sugar
– 1 t vanilla extract or the inside of 1 vanilla bean
– 1 T maca powder (optional)
Throw it all into a high speed blender- I used a Vitamix and blend until smooth.  You may need to spoon mix the ingredients in-between to help move things along.
Serves well with more blueberries, goji berries or any other berries of preference.
Blueberries in the recipe can be substituted for other berry or fruits if you prefer 🙂

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