the ‘good’ chocolate

Raw. Organic. Gluten free

Everybody loves chocolate right??!  Well I’m going to share with you a simple chocolate recipe that will fulfil those cravings the best and most nutritional way possible.   The good thing is, you will only need a little of this to feel satisfied. This is a very rich dark chocolate, however you can use less cacao if you don’t want it as dark or substitute with carob powder if you’re caffeine sensitive.-INGREDIENTS-

1C grated cacao butter (65g)
1/2 C cacao powder or carob (80g)
1/4 C agave or coconut sugar
1 t vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean
1 t coconut oil
1 T mesquite powder (optional)

Fill a large bowl/saucepan with warm water (not boiling) and place a smaller bowl/saucepan ontop.
Place the grated cacao butter and coconut oil into to top bowl and using a whisk around ingredients until completely melted.
Add agave syrup or coconut sugar and vanilla and mix.
Gradually add the cacao powder whilst mixing thoroughly until the oil is well combined with the cacao.
Optional ideas- mix in some cacao nibs, nuts, seeds dried fruit and goji berries for extra flavours and nutrition 🙂
Pour mixture into silicon chocolate or cupcake moulds and set in the freezer for 10 minutes. Yummy antioxidant and magnesium rich goodness 🙂

OR you can watch here for a visual demo on how to make this recipe.

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