Green juice

Raw. Vegan. Low fat. Gluten free

This juice is so so good for you!!! This is a great way to start your day! I cannot encourage you enough to get this juice into your life to make your blood the happiest it can be 🙂 Happy blood=happy body=happy mind=good life!!  The main nutrient of focus in this concoction of goodness is Chlorophyll!  Now Chlorophyll makes the blood happy by:
– Creating an alkaline environment 
– Increasing the total blood count
-Helping deliver iron to organs
– Helping prevent cancer
– Eliminating bad body odour and breath
– Improving healing time
Plus much much more!!
Now the ingredients listed below are just a rough guide of what I used/would/could use in a green juice, so you can add or omit ingredients to your desire!  I also try to use organic as much as possible, especially leafy vege.

– Few celery stalks
– Few spinach leave and stalks
– Half a cucumber
– Small cube of ginger
– Half a lemon (skin included)
– Half a green apple
– Half a pear
What I also recommend:
– Kale
– Parsely
– Grapefruit
– Lime
– Rommaine lettuce
Now I just chucked everything through the juicer and voila!! If you don’t have a juicer but a blender, you could also make a green smoothie out of these ingredients by adding some water to the mix and blending it all up until smooth!You can also watch a video demo on how to make green juice here 🙂

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