Why raw?

Around two years ago I had become fascinated with a not so common approach to food preperation which is so simplistic yet in our highly processed, cooked and packaged society we have forgotten how food is best eaten, that being raw.    Eating a diet of raw food can sound pretty crazy to sceptics- those who believe that eating raw food involves little more that munching on celery and carrot sticks, which was the mentality I originally carried until I got curious.  Well I’m here to tell you that it can be as crazy, interesting and simple as you like it to be and there are so many benefits involved in eating raw foods.  I’m currently trying to incorporate raw food more frequently into my diet, whilst searching for and experimenting with new recipe ideas since learning of the many great health benefits involved.

So, what exactly does eating raw food entail?

Eating raw food, aka Raw Foodism is the practice that entails the consumption of a mainly uncooked, unprocessed and frequently organic plant foods in the diet.
When food is cooked and heated above 40-60 degrees Celsius important nutrients and enzymes begin to be destroyed while chemical changes occur in the food making it less bio-available to the body.  From a simple perspective- the more natural a food is from it’s original state, the more nutrients and life it will contain and the more benefits you consume!

Such benefits include:

  • A stronger immune system and greater resistance to illness.
  • Improved digestion and metabolism function due to the aid of live enzymes.
  • A healthier body weight due to less calories consumed.
  • More energy-due to the high vitamin content as well as the decreased stress raw food has on the digestive system.
  • Healthy bowel function- raw diets are high in the fibre cellulose; a soluble fibre that’s also beneficial for weight loss.
  •  Low saturated fat intake = clean arteries and lowered incidences of cardiovascular disease.
  • Reversing or stopping the advancement of many chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer-cooking creates free radicals which are a major contributors to degenerative diseases such as cancer.
  • Eating raw saves you money on doctor bills, vitamins, drugs and health insurance.

The benefits speak for themselves, and I’m convinced that the rawer your diet, the better you will feel.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my cooked foods too, but my goal is to incorporate raw foods into my diet more frequently, so that I can reap these valuable rewards.

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